Phresh have been developing innovative new products for over ten years, leading the way in effective air movement and filtration
for customers across the globe.

HyperfanPhresh products will always outperform imitations thanks to their unrivalled technology, construction and consistency.

Our Premium carbon filter came to be the blueprint for imitators across the world looking to capitalise on our success. Design features and innovations were copied and customers were misled into believing that the clones were as good as the originals – which they are not.

The reason that a Phresh filter will always outperform our competitors is simply down to the carbon. Checked and graded to remove dust Pro 4/8 carbon is the optimal size for air filtration, a perfect balance between odour removal and airflow reduction. If carbon is too dusty airflow can be reduced significantly, leading to increased noise from fans and temperature increases.phresh intake filters

Constant research and development of new products has lead to the recent introduction of the Intake, Inline and Skinny filters. Each is unique and suits the needs of growers which until now have not been met. The latest product to be developed by Phresh is the Hyperfan, the most efficient mixed flow fan on the market. By using a modern brushless digital motor and an advanced rotor design, the Hyperfan offers unrivalled output using half the power of the nearest competing fan